Child-Adolescent Perfectionism Scale

The Child-Adolescent Perfectionism Scale is a measure of interpersonal expression of perfectionistic behavior for children and adolescents.


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Reference Flett, G., Hewitt, P. L., Besser, A., Su, C., Vaillancourt, T., Boucher, D., Munro, Y., Davidson, L. A. & Gale, O. (2016). The Child-Adolescent Perfectionism Scale: Development, psychometric properties, and associations with stress, distress, and psychiatric symptoms. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 34(7), 634-652.


Normative Data  Normative Data for Child-Adolescent Perfectionism Scale Subscales of Self-Oriented Perfectionism and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism for Community and Psychiatric Patients.