Child Perfectionism Study

The Child Perfectionism Study (CPS) is a four year long study that looks at how perfectionism develops in the family context and how it relates to different interpersonal relationships in young adolescents (8 to 15 years old). This research can help us understand how children develop and what we can do to improve relationships and family dynamics. 

In the first year, this study is two hours long. In the first hour, both parents and children complete an online questionnaire that asks about personality, behaviour, and family environment. In the second hour of the study, children take part in a videotaped interview that asks about the child’s family relationships. 

Because the CPS is a longitudinal study, we follow up with parents and children for three more years to take part in an online questionnaire to gather information on the developmental period during the child’s transition to high school, an important time when relationships evolve.